Restarting a Blog

This blog has been in existence since 20 Nov 2011. Of which from 2013-2017. It was largely frozen. The running robot during that period was very busy juggling a day job and starting his little teaching business. That left him with little time for himself, hence, the blog was frozen in time.

Now that the day job is out of the way, the running robot has time to sit down and write what he had missed writing in the span of 4 years. That is if, the mad driven running robot don’t go crazy doing multiple jobs again.

Given that this blog began as a personal blog, a place to where the running robot shared his joys, frustrations and interests in life. So where do we go from here?

I am thinking along this framework:

The Running Robot Blog = Interests + Joys + Education + Opinion + Short stories*beta

Interests = Cars + Aeroplanes + Running + Army + Travel + etc.

Joys =  Great days + touching days

Education = I am a teacher as well as a personal coach, hence there will be things to teach naturally. Two of my pet subjects is entrepreneurship and income diversification, I will share some of those things over here.

Opinion =  I am entitled to my own opinion, right? Not too many of those though.

Short storiesThis is in beta stage. I hope to write some fiction over here. Not sure when that will happen. But it is coming.

In summation

I do hope that I could, through this blog, bring some happiness and inspiration to your lives. I like to educate people and help them get ahead in their lives. In my day work, I help students and adults improve their lives one by one. Over here, while I may not be able to give the personal attention that I give to my students, but hopefully some of the strategies and thought could rub off and get you to a better place.

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