I fell in love today..... With a Suzuki Swift Sport...

My Mrs has been making some noise about the budget and my car Marchie lately, and we are contemplating selling it. Obviously, I couldn't bear to sell my first wife, Marchie.

Nevertheless, I being visiting some used car dealers and trying to run up some numbers,like how much Marchie can fetch. Also if possible to find a newer car and hopefully not to pay so much.
I came across a blue gray Suzuki Swift Sport, a bit older for my contemplation. I have being looking for cars that are from 2008 or younger. The Sport is from December 2007 and cost SGD$46,800. The price is cheaper than most other cars I being considering. For the benefit of overseas readers, cars in Singapore are ridiculously expensive and still getting more ridiculous. A normal new Suzuki Swift now cost almost $100,000. A new Sport will cost about $120,000.

While Mrs has been asking me to consider living without a car. I have being having sleepless nights about losing Marchie.

Back to the Sport, after some haggling about the trade in prices of Marchie and the price of the Sport. The sales man suddenly offered me to have a go in it to get a feel of the car.
I stepped in gingerly, as I have not drove a manual shift car for a long while. It has automatic climate control, just like Marchie. The interior is dark with sporty trimming. A huge fob of the key in my hand, I couldn't find a place to slot it.

'Just place it in the cup holder' the salesman muttered. Ah...keyless entry, just like Marchie :)
Full of trepidation, I started the Sport. The starter whirl with a zing and the engine started with a loud roar. I engage first gear and move off carefully. The Sport surged forward. This car doesn't move, it surges constantly.

The shift has a short throw and very close gears. My arms were busy with the constant gear changes. The exhaust was loud and I queried the salesman,

'Has the exhaust being changed?'

'Nope, its all stock, don't forget you got twin huge exhaust pipes at the rear' came the answer.

The first few moments of driving was frentic. Driving was an all encompassing moment, as the engine rev quicky with a loud roar and a metalic twang at the top end. The Sport was agile and handled like a go kart. A silly grin slowly emerged from my face, I am in love...

It brought me back to the days when I was just got my license and gotten my wings by driving around in Dad's rolly polly toyota van. The manual shift, the heel and toeing of the clutch. That was pure driving, no distractions, no talking with passengers, no thoughts about work. All eyes on the road and silence except for the engine roar.

Now I am doing the same in a proper sport car. Dad will definitely like this...
The road was crowded as it was close to rush hour, I didnt dart or dive as what you all may have expected. I drove as smoothly as possible and kept to the speed limits. Even at such sane speeds, the Sport handled differently from other cars that I driven. Yes, including the Audi A4 and a certain 2 litre Proton limousine that I driven before.

In one instance during the test drive, I forgot that car was left in 3rd gear when I stopped at a junction. Green light, accelerator depressed, 3rd gear, clutch released. Engine stalled?
Not a chance. The Sport just moved off the line and continued surging to its desired speed. Not an issue at all. Oh my....

It is effortless in its movement. A bit like doing 1 chin up when you are capable of 20 chin ups or more. The Sport is overengined at a mere 1.6 litre, and having a rally tuned engine and transmission. It makes small work of the smooth and gentle Singapore roads.

If I were to liken Marchie to a favourite workshirt, gentle, comfortable, presentable and very familar. The Sport will be a superman's suit, giving one instant power and incredible abilities. It makes you want to have this ability every day... And that is a dangerous thought. And on top of it, it is affordable...oh oh..

Changing to the Swift Sport

1. It is a much newer car and that means less maintainance headaches.
2. It is Oh My God...awesome...
3. It is the cheapest replacement car I found so far that met my needs.
4. I feel like superman.

1. It is going to cost more per month. However due to the ridiculous current prices of cars. Any replacement car will cost more than Marchie per month. The Swift Sport has the lowest increase in monthly payment, but nevertheless still an increase.
2. It is a Sport, it may have special needs that I am not aware of.
3. Wifey don't want a car.
4. I can't bear to see Marchie go:(

Dear Lord, what shall I do...


  1. I drove a Swift before but not a swift sports. I find the steering stiff and the clutch is tight. Overall it doesn't feel overly awesome. Maybe it is not a sports that's why. I'd like to try driving it once since you gave it such a good review.

    How about selling the car and wait for another miraculous $1 COE.

    Well it happened before, you'll never know...

  2. Take your old Kangoo, the one with the turbo pipe fixed. Multiply the pulling power by 3. Thats how it feels like. Plus, it is a proper EVO car, check this out.


    I doubt you old Kangoo can move off on 3rd gear without shaking right?

  3. probably not but to be fair, i never tried that before! I'm a decent manual driver who always moved off in 1st gear. hahaha

    it sounds like a good car. if u really change to that, it wun be tragic. but higher monthly cost is really undesirable (that's for me). I won't expect you to downgrade to a Picanto or something like I would. It'll be cruel for a genuine car lover like you.

    You deserve a good car. If this is the least of the evils amongst other cars in the list, then just get it.

    I also understand it's a tall order for you to go carless. But now that your home is finally coming (within months), maybe you can wait and see? Perhaps the new place will give you so much joy and comfort that you may not need the car to provide you that feeling anymore. It won't be the same of course but it may be a good substitute.

  4. Think you know me best. A house can never substitute a car in my case. Remembered that the car was a substitute for my aircraft, when my wings were clipped years back due to illness. Even then a car can never take the place of flying in my heart.

    I believe it would be the same for the house. I may detune to a Swift 1.2 or maybe contmeplating a Picanto (Horror, Gasp!) to save money. To totally go carless, that will be quite a tall order.

  5. I'm not saying don't buy. But wait a bit more first until the flat is here. Move in, have a feel of new life and new routine for a while then decide what's the best for you.

    I really wish you can be here one day. I can be sure you'll run amok with cars. The dryer weather is quite good for sweaty problems too. My eczema is slightly better. heh.

    don't rush into the decision yet. Wait !

  6. If I am in OZ...haha. It will be keeping the March and buying the Sport! and how's about that new Golf... wrapped them up!

  7. hmm hey it's cheap but not that cheap.
    unless u buy very used cars


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