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Vietnamization: The lure of the green paddy fields

I have gone mad recently, absolutely raving mad. And its all because of 'Nam.
Its being a month since I returned from Vietnam, some of my vocabulary had changed. For example, a baguette is now called Bahn Mi. Asking for the bill is now called Dim Tien. Thank you is now called Kwang Un.The list goes on. 
Am I in love with the place, not really.  It is a wonderful, amazing country. But the climate is terrible. Fight a war there? No thanks, You can have the country. 
The trouble is with the green paddy fields. No, the roads next to the green paddy fields. No, the method of conveyance on those roads near to the green paddy fields. 
The trouble is that the Running Robot has became a biker. A bloody ruddy biker. All thanks to 'Nam.
Flashback to Hoi An on 4 May 2013, 10am, at a traditional barber opposite the Vaia Hotel. 
"Uncle, you know where I can rent motorbikes? "
"Have, have, my friend rent. I bring you."
15 min later. I was having motorbike lessons along t…