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British soldiers fallen in 2009


It has been a long while since I had time to sit down to penned a blog post. Work commitments has been keeping me on my toes.

Nevertheless, despite the busyness of the day, I have been able to do some research on the war in Afghanistan in the late nights. Books, videos, news were my source of information. In the same way, I have been doing this research on Iraq since September 11, 2001.

The British Army has always been one of my favourite source of information on conflicts. They are far more objective than the US and as a ex soldier trained under the British military system used in Singapore. I was able to relate to their hierachy and their tactics.

I came across Ross Kemp's documentaries on Afghanistan on Youtube from 2006 to 2011. I am really grateful for his willingness to put his own life and limb at risk to report on the status of Afghanistan. From then on, Ross Kemp became my UAV, my eyes and ears on…