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Lumia takes flight: amazing survival story from leading smartphone


My Mother's Love

"Ah Sang, Take the money. You will need it for your renovation and get the house settled. Your Dad and I will do just fine."

"But Ma, you will need money for your new place too. I can't take it. "

"Take it boy."

The words cut into me deeply. I felt like a wretch. Here I am, way long into adulthood. And still a worry for my parents.

Shouldn't I be the one supporting them in their twilight years. My eyes teared as I write this post.

During my wedding, I gave a thank you speech to my parents, thanking them for helping me through all this years. I told the guests, I have never being an easy son. Not that I am wayward or anything. But the journey I being through makes it hard for my parents too.

Their once proud son did well academically and was earmarked to advance well in the Education Service. Mum and Dad were there when he went through his convocation twice for two different degree in two prestigious local universities. Principalship were once the desti…

Nokia, the turnaround

Nokia Lumia 900 launch in New York

My first mobile phone arrive at the turn of the century. It was year 2000. I was a undergrad student with the local university, and at that time. SMS was a novel way to communicate with friends and also to date ladies. I was keen to join the club, but budget was limited.

A local Telco company Starhub, was just starting its services. Hence, a student friendly package was offered to local undergraduates. The choices of cell phones offered was Nokia, Siemens and Samsung.

In those days, Nokia was THE BRAND for cell phones. You either own one or you are a strange chap. Being the strange chap as I always is, I did not want to be seen with the commoners phone. I chose Siemens, a C35 if I remembered correctly. Its a German phone, so to me it felt like a Mercedes or BMW. It felt cool. ;)

Over the years, I tried to stick with Siemens but eventually the brand died out. My first Nokia came with my first coloured display LCD. It was a 6610. Only then I realized why i…

Left Foot Braking...WRC and me

WRC Rally Sweden, Feburary 2012
Probably it is my inclination towards long distance running as opposed to track and field. While my motorsport enlightening began with F1, the World Rally Championship (WRC) began to be more appealing to me as I grown older.

Rugged, tough conditions, endurance, not to mention immediate danger, come to mind when you talk about WRC racing. Unlike the sterlie environment of F1, where the drivers have helpers and chaperones following them every moment of the race. WRC drivers drives dirty cars, changes their own tyres, roll their own cars back on its wheels when they overturn.

The money I am not too sure, but I figured F1 drivers should earn more due to more endorsements.

As a driver, I am more of a tarmac person. In Singapore, there are few offroad tracks in Singapore. My experience of offroading was limited to my infantryman days riding shotgun in an Mercedes GD290 jeep in different countries. An excellent offroader, I must say, but easily turned topsy tu…

Technical Support for Google Maps 8 bit

Technical Support for Google Maps 8 bit:

Phew...phew phew! Blow hard into the cartridge. Reload and restart your Nintendo Family System. Google Maps 8 bit should work now.