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Testing the Audi A3

Upset at the turn of events in the day, I decided get distracted by driving to Audi to try out the Audi A3 Sedan. Audi, a brand that never resonates with me. A brand that I dislike. It is a bit of a dark side to me. But I forced myself to think out of the box to not always shortlist the usual suspects. The main reason is both the new Honda Civic 1.5 turbo and Audi A3 sedan cost similar. Similarly, a used 3 year old Honda Civic 1.6 and a 3 year old Audi A3 sedan would cost similar too. Hence, it got me curious.

The agent had ran out of A3 show cars. Hence, he directed me to a test drive unit. I climbed onto the driver’s seat and the waft of “new car” smell overwhelmed me. It is a snug cockpit with lots of nice touch surfaces. The agent described the car as I scan through the buttons. As I strapped on the seat belt, the agent got surprised.
“Eh, are we going for a test drive?” He queried.
“Yes. Can we?” I asked.
“Oh, hang on…let me arrange with security.” The agent responded i…

Driving in Switzerland

Driving in Switzerland
Switzerland is a comfortable and safe country to drive in. It is a combination of well-built roads and beautiful scenery because of the Alps. There are some challenging alpines roads but that is part of the fun. Do note that roads are heavily regulated in Switzerland and you have to drive according to the legal speed limits and definitely no drink driving. You do not want to get on the wrong side of the law with the Swiss.

Driving on the Left or Right.
In Switzerland, you drive on the Right Side of the road. The driver sit on the left side of the cockpit.  You will need to Cross traffic at a junction when Turning Left.

Road Conditions
The road conditions in Switzerland is superb. The roads are well built and smooth. Roads are generally not very crowded except in major cities such as Zurich. Traffic jams are a rarity in Switzerland. I had not encounter any traffic jams in the fortnight that I spent driving all around Switzerland.  There is very little delays. D…

The Simple Life

Life is not complicated.

It is Easy…

The phrase is repeated time and again by the Thai farmer, Mr Jon Jendai in his TedTalk. It struck a chord in my heart, as for the past few weeks. I have been worried about a lot of things.
My father’s health
How to grow my business and income
What car to replace my current ride
All this thoughts have been running through my mind, day and night.
It is hard not to worry about my father’s health despite of my frustration with his self-destructive behaviour. There is also very little we can do.
As for No.2, business is running well. Income is growing. However, as an entrepreneur I should always be on the lookout for newer opportunities.  Especially on sources of passive income. At the moment, I only earn when I work. There is little money coming in when I am not. It is not a good prospect if I am disrupted from my schedule.
To be fair, I tend to run to No.3 as a form of refuge, as cars are a pet topic with me. It is therapeutic in a way to browse …