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You are going to be a Captain.

It has been quite a while since I wrote any entry in this blog. Life has not been going well lately and I find it hard to pen down any entries that I would like to remember.

It has been a disaster in my family and the whole episode though not over yet is something I would never want anyone else to go through. The running robot has also been very busy and working extra jobs to make ends meet. Hence, I have been working most of this weekend too.

Something worth remembering came by this week and I felt I should really penned it down. On Thursday, I went for my second interview for a job. It was a job with the Army. Though I do not know if I will get it yet, there is a third round of interview. Some words that were spoken during the interview strikes a chord with my heart. It was one of the more pleasant interview that I experienced since my health gave out on me in 2004.

An army major together with a human resource lady staffer interviewed me. The army major was a warm infantry officer…