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In War: Resolution.
In Defeat: Defiance.
In Victory: Magnanimity.
In Peace: Goodwill.

Winston Churchill

I love this quote in the struggle of life. KBO: Keep Buggering On...

Registration for Adsense

After two long months, it is finally here. Still a long way from getting my first pay check from Google. It will help to pay some bills.


Oh my God! It is the Old Main Gate!

Big big tree....Christmas is coming


Review: Plantronics M50 Bluetooth headset

"Power On. Battery Medium. Connected."

An American accented female voice greeted me when I turn on the Plantronics M50 headset. Another workday for this headset.

I have been using this headset for almost a month now and I must say. It is the finest Bluetooth headset I have used so far. I have gotten this headset as a gift from a buddy who files Boeing 777s for a living. He bought it at Costronics in the United States and brought it back for me.

User friendliness

The sound quality is superb compared to my previous Bluetooth. A first generation Jabra and a Motorola Bluetooth set. The American accented voice reminded me of the "Bitchin Betty" in the F16 Viper fighter jet. The status of the Bluetooth is clearly announced to me once I start up the headset. Battery life, connection, incoming calls or messages are informed effectively through "Bitchin Betty". This surely beats any LCD display or indicator lights in term of intuitiveness. The voice also remind…

Clipped Wings...

It has been three years since my last medical review for my flying license. This time round I was referred to the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)aeromedical centre for my review. And the doctor probably overzealous in preserving only the best pilots for the Air Force, decided to suspend my licence till I got a proper report from my doctor concerning my condition.

I was shattered, utterly shattered when I got the news. This is the second time in my life when my wings got plucked away from me. Even though, I have not flown for a number of years due to financial reasons. The wings remain an important part of my identify. It also reminded me of my dreams.

Just a mere week ago, I was declared medically fit by the army to serve in counter terrorist ops. If the army can deem me fit enough to handle a SAR 21 with live rounds and assess correct threats. Then why can't the air force allow me to fly a civilian Cessna.

I walked out of the medical centre, stumbled to the car and drove…

Head to Head

Meeting an Eurocopter Ecureuil/Squirrel head on... Looks like a scene out of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Minus the pink dolphin of course. :P

The taste of childhood

Candy Floss!!