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Grace in the battlefield

After the busyness of the bereavement of my beloved mother in law. I sat alone in bed to take a break from the grieving process.

Having been exposed to more Christian teachings during this period, I began to take a review of my relationship with God. I must confessed that in the busyness of life. My faith has taken a back seat. As I went through the belongings of mother in law, I realize how devoted a Christian she is. I felt guilty for allowing my faith to flounder.

I watch through YouTube an documentary on the Six Day War. It was a lightning fast war in the Sinai Desert between the strong and numerous Egyptian army and the ferocious Israeli Defence Force in 1967.

In all the first hand accounts from the tank commanders who took part in the war. One of the account struck me deeply. It was a scenario that was granted entirely to the grace of God and the grace of man.

It was the account from Lt Col Jacob "Jacky" Even, an Israeli 506th Armored Brigade Commander. It was the las…

The Pacific: The Transformation

Sledge, the gentle boy.

Sledge, the war veteran.

I had recently watched the the mini HBO series "The Pacific" over a serial marathon in the past weekend. Compared to my favorite series "Band of Brothers", "The Pacific" was messy and hard to grasp. However, I guess it reflects well the nature of the Pacific War. It was messy, dirty, cruel and unrelenting.

Being once a trooper in the tropical jungle before, I can understanding the heat and oppressiveness of the jungle. This coupled with the cruelty and unsurrendering nature of the Japanese troops. It must be hell for the Marines.

The nature of Eugene Sledge aka Sledge Hammer struck a chord in my heart. Sledge started off the series seeing his friends go off to war, while he had to stay behind in America because of a heart murmur. He was frail, gentle and protected by his wealthy parents who care so much about him.

He was frustrated and wanted so much to do his bit for the country but couldn't. Overtim…