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Saying Goodbye

Call me a sentimental man.

Goodbyes are never easy for me. One of the hardest goodbye  I had to gone through was saying goodbye to my first car of 8 years. Marchie.

 Lots of memories in this car. I may have shift houses 3 times in the past 8 years but Marchie remained constant. He was the car which picked up my wife the first time we went out. He was the car that did the shuttle between her home as mine as we dated. He was our wedding car. Etc...etc...

It was September 2013, Marchie was getting sick that year. Visits to the mechanic was getting more frequent and the repair fees were getting higher. The high mileage from my teaching job did not help the situation.

I contemplated my options. Given the crazy prices of new cars in Singapore, it was not logical to get a new car. Carrying on with Marchie was going to make costs very high in the long run, not discounting the fact that I may not be even be able to arrive on location to teach.

I looked at the used car ads on the internet and…


Image has been an amazingly long time since I last wrote for this blog. Life has its queer way of making one so busy that he loses time for himself. The constant working and teaching has taken its toll and I was only half as fit as I was when I was constantly writing on this blog. Remarkably in extraordinary circumstances, fate dealt me a holiday and I am suddenly given ample time to run and rest.“Why don’t you start writing again?” My wifey asked me out of the blue the other day. I was surprised. I never thought she really bothered about my ramblings since it was mostly on cars and other mechanical stuff which I like.“Perhaps I can try” I answered and my mind began making plans on what to write and when are the pockets of time I could sit down and write.There has been plenty of changes in the running robot’s life. Life has gone from a struggle to stay afloat financially to a more relaxed outlook. There is now time to contemplate and to plan.As for my dear ride, my trusty a…