It has been an amazingly long time since I last wrote for this blog. Life has its queer way of making one so busy that he loses time for himself. The constant working and teaching has taken its toll and I was only half as fit as I was when I was constantly writing on this blog. Remarkably in extraordinary circumstances, fate dealt me a holiday and I am suddenly given ample time to run and rest.


“Why don’t you start writing again?”


My wifey asked me out of the blue the other day. I was surprised. I never thought she really bothered about my ramblings since it was mostly on cars and other mechanical stuff which I like.


“Perhaps I can try”


I answered and my mind began making plans on what to write and when are the pockets of time I could sit down and write.


There has been plenty of changes in the running robot’s life. Life has gone from a struggle to stay afloat financially to a more relaxed outlook. There is now time to contemplate and to plan.


As for my dear ride, my trusty and cute Nissan March “Marchie” was gone and replaced by a Honda Civic Hybrid “The Whisperer”. Both of which are miles different in character.


Saying goodbye to Marchie was one of the hardest things I have done.


More about them in subsequent posts anyway. I don’t know how long this holiday will last, but I will try writing again.


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