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The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

Another long day, another late dinner. Another day in my days of independence and running my own show.
Is it an easier life? Not really, while hours of work are short. They can end really late. In this instance. I was having dinner at 9.50pm after finishing all my classes. By the time, I finished my dinner and drove home. It was past 11pm. My boy is asleep and so was my wife when I reached home.
The upside is that, I can sleep in the next morning (something that I seldom do). Instead I will wake up and after dropping my boy off at the infant care, go for a run. Yes, while the whole world is at work. I am out running, cycling or swimming. Only after that, I will head to my office to do some accounts work or lesson preparation.
Money is alright and I am thankful for it but as an entrepreneur, it is not constant. Clients do come and go and money is not automatically credited into your account on a fixed day. You got to go out to find the money, because if you don’t, no one will do…