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Long Term Test, Nokia Lumia 710

Formula 1/Nokia Technology

Windows 8 has been launched just a few days ago and there has been numerous launches for a plethora of Windows 8 gadgets and computers. I feel that it is timely for me to pen down a long term report for my trusty Nokia Lumia 710 that has been in service for more than 6 months.

From my earlier post, I have written that I have chose the Lumia 710 due to budget constraints and my need for a worldwide offline navigation system. It also had a " Maserati V8 Flat Crank" processor which drew me to the phone.

The question is, have it fulfilled its intended service?

The answer is a unanimous yes! I shall categorise the report in the following subsections.


True enough, the Lumia is a rare sight in Singapore. I have only known two other person who owns another Lumia. Both are elderly and bought it as a replacement for their older basic phones. If Iphones, Samsung S3s and S2 were Toyotas, Hondas and BMWs, then the Nokia Lumia will be the equivalen…

Long while away...

It has been a long while since I last updated this blog. Working in my day job as well as my second job to make ends meet have left me with little time for my family, my friends and myself.

As I am trapped in this mad struggle to make ends meet. I wonder all so frequently about the simpler life back when I was younger. Not much worrying about bills. Not much worrying about health either. Just a simple life of trying to learn and experience life as much as I can.

Happiness have always being an elusive matter for me.  Given that the troubles of yesteryears paled in comparison to the troubles of today. I really wondered why I didn't smile more in the past. Maybe I should smile more today as maybe the troubles of tomorrow are even more daunting. I know, I am really being negative.

I really hope things will get better. It has been rough going long enough already.

Much bloggable moments have passed in the months since my last entry. There were good times and bad times. But they were all no…