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Windows 8 has been launched just a few days ago and there has been numerous launches for a plethora of Windows 8 gadgets and computers. I feel that it is timely for me to pen down a long term report for my trusty Nokia Lumia 710 that has been in service for more than 6 months.

From my earlier post, I have written that I have chose the Lumia 710 due to budget constraints and my need for a worldwide offline navigation system. It also had a " Maserati V8 Flat Crank" processor which drew me to the phone.

The question is, have it fulfilled its intended service?

The answer is a unanimous yes! I shall categorise the report in the following subsections.


True enough, the Lumia is a rare sight in Singapore. I have only known two other person who owns another Lumia. Both are elderly and bought it as a replacement for their older basic phones. If Iphones, Samsung S3s and S2 were Toyotas, Hondas and BMWs, then the Nokia Lumia will be the equivalent in terms of rarity as a Mclaren on the road. 


Fantastic. The Lumia 710  has been improving its functionality since the day I bought it. Thanks to Nokia's constant push for updates. The phone has been getting more and more functions since day 1. The Nokia Apps like Nokia Drive and Nokia Music etc has been getting more and more sophisticated with each update. True enough it cannot be upgraded to Windows 8 due to some misadventure by Microsoft marketing team. Nevertheless, I am waiting for Windows 7.8 which is pretty much Windows 8 anyway. I am sure Nokia will continue updating the phones.


Tons of it available. You won't miss out on any apps that Iphone or Android have. There will always be an app that you can use from Market Place. Anyway, how many apps do one use on the phone anyway? I have so many games that I have no time to play with. I have so many apps that I have no time to really explore on the phone. Sadly all this excess apps have to give way for me to store offline YouTube videos as well as my audiobooks when I travel.

Connectivity with Nissan March/Micra

I have connected the phone to my Nissan March K12 via cables and Bluetooth. Now, it is a GPS navigation unit and an entertainment system integrated with my car when I drive. I can navigate worldwide, listen to audiobooks, make handsfree calls and handsfree sms when I drive. While waiting in my car, I can even watch movies and play Xbox games. What more can one need? Oh yes, I can Google while I drive too, just in case a question popped in your head while on the road.


On average, I dropped my phone once a day. Don't ask me why, it just happens. Oops, crash, split. Pick up, assemble, turn on and check the camera. It works like a Toyota. Probably there is a hint of Formula 1 technology with Nokia Phones. Once the phone drops to the ground, the battery, the battery case and the phone will fly off in spectacular separate directions, dissipating the impact. Assemble it and it works again. Try it with an Iphone or S3, I am not too sure if it will be the same story.


No complaints with the speed. No hanging. No need to shut down Apps due to the system stuttering like an Android. The only downside is that some of the apps can go corrupted for no apparent reasons. Nokia Drive included. One will need to uninstall and reinstall the app to make it work again. Lost all my points of interest :(


Love it. Next phone will be another Nokia Windows phone. Nuff said.

Written from my Windows Phone


  1. my phone's fucked. jen has placed an order for me for this phone, coincidentally.

  2. No vulgarities over here mate. Its a good phone but it will take some time to get used to. You will need some patience to learn the new system. After that you will do just fine.


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