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Panoramas of the World through Nokias

The old E72 had a superb camera function, it has a panoramic function which stitches multiple images from it 5mps camera (main camera, as Nokia calls it. Sounds like a main gun on an M1 Abrams tank which sounds cool)

I missed the function in the Lumia 710.

Here are the views of the world that I have fired using the main gun, sorry, main camera.

The last photo however, taken in Singapore was from the Lumia 710. A newfound app seems to be able to replicate the function.

Thank you Nokia for the memories...

Back on the run!

It has been quite a while since the running robot has been able to run normally as he usually did. You see, health has affected the running robot and he has been under doctor's orders not to exert himself and that includes running.

Flashback to 3 weeks ago. The day after a epic long run with a buddy of a mere 7km( Not far by running robot's standard, but far enough for my buddy to throw in the towel), I came down with a bad flu. A visit to a rogue doctor who issued me flu medicine that is dangerous to hypertension patients, landed me in hot soup. My blood pressure soared sky high and I almost got hospitalised.

The blood pressure went down, but remains high. My regular doctor grounded me from all running and it is in force even now.

I was uncomfortable sitting around and figured that it will not be useful to be sedentary and hoping the pressure to recover itself. I started walking, then jogging under the watchful eye of an army mate. I worry constantly about getting a stroke on th…

Nokia Lumia 710: One week on... Living with the Toyota Axio with the Maserati engine.

It has been almost a week since I have gotten my hands on the Nokia Lumia 710. Do I missed my E72? The answer is yes.

Lets start off with the bad about the newbie and get it out of the system.

1. It doesn't sync with Microsoft Outlook

It doesn't like Microsoft alot, so syncing it with your desktop doesn't make much sense. Your tasks, calendar, contacts all can't be sync directly with the phone. My old Symbian E72 sync like a dream in comparison. Wait a minute, isn't Windows Phone 7.5 a Microsoft product?

2. You can't cut and paste. Well, not in the traditional sense.

Another sign of Microsoft hatred. Isn't cut and paste a hallmark of Microsoft?

3. Expected demerit, The Lumia 710 drinks...

Well, a Maserati V8 drinks... So this is expected. Got to pay the price for a 1.5g processor and a GPU. Charging is necessary every night.

The good or rather the Great :D

1. Very modern interface.

The Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phone is very slick and very radical. Pretty t…

Nokia Lumia 710, The Toyota Axio with the Maserati Voice

It is that time of the year whereby your Telco contract expires and it is time to hunt for another new mobile phone. My soup dunking Nokia E72 was due to be decommissioned. And I started looking for a replacement mobile phone. It has been lucky that the trusty E72 has managed to continue serving me till the contract ends after that dramatic scuba diving exercise.

In case for those who are not aware, this blog is written almost solely on the E72. Hence, it is important that the succeeding mobile phone be up to the task in continuing to power this blog.

The search was brief. As the running robot goes, budget is always tight. I could salivate at flagship phones like the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S2 but sadly those phones are way out of my budget. I shortlisted a few phones by browsing on the Telco website (Singtel) in my case and submitted them to my colleague WJ, the Oracle of the mobile phone realm for his wisdom.

The Shortlisted Phones are as follows:
Nokia Lumia 800
Samsung Om…