Back on the run!

It has been quite a while since the running robot has been able to run normally as he usually did. You see, health has affected the running robot and he has been under doctor's orders not to exert himself and that includes running.

Flashback to 3 weeks ago. The day after a epic long run with a buddy of a mere 7km( Not far by running robot's standard, but far enough for my buddy to throw in the towel), I came down with a bad flu. A visit to a rogue doctor who issued me flu medicine that is dangerous to hypertension patients, landed me in hot soup. My blood pressure soared sky high and I almost got hospitalised.

The blood pressure went down, but remains high. My regular doctor grounded me from all running and it is in force even now.

I was uncomfortable sitting around and figured that it will not be useful to be sedentary and hoping the pressure to recover itself. I started walking, then jogging under the watchful eye of an army mate. I worry constantly about getting a stroke on the run. It was no joy.

I am not sure if it is the blood pressure or the newly increased dosage of medicine. My stamina took a hit and at one point I was not even able to complete even a 2km jog. My head will throb and it felt like I could pass out anytime. Scary times it is.

Nevertheless, with a determined heart and putting one step in front of the other. I walked,  slowly trot, jog, stop, walk, jog, stop, jog, ran and ran. It took almost a month before I could finish a proper 6 km run. It was an excruciating process. Along with it goes my plans to attempt two more half marathons and finally a full marathon in 2012.

There is however light at the end of a deep dark tunnel. I managed to complete an 8 km proper run last night. All thanks to an anonymous fellow runner who unknowingly help to pace me for 4 km.

So there I am, not the full works yet. But an 8 km endurance runner. :D


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