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Another bombshell, another corner being forced upon me. No words can describe the excruciating disappointment I am feeling. Upset is all I can say...

Running as a form of transportation

Its being busy days for me as a newly wed couple going through their first Chinese New Year together. Despite being on holidays for the past four days, my running schedule have fallen behind. Today, after ending my new year visits early. I sent wifey home to rest while I prepared to sneak off for a run. I was preparing for a coastal run as usual till her cousin CT called and asked if we wanted dinner.Wifey turned down the offer as she wasn't keen to travel out. I offered to make the trip down by foot. I was at Geylang East Central. Her aunt's place was at Chuan Place. Usually it would take a 20 minutes drive down to the place. Wifey told CT that I am running down. CT replied in disbelief, not expecting that I will actually do that. I changed into my running gear. Did my warm up and check Google Maps for the distance to destination. 6.1km. Should be an easy run.I started my GPS tracker,Endomondo and the heart rate monitor. One foot in front of the other, I commenced my run. Run…

When to replace your shoes? Apple tells you.

Was Crippled by Negativity

The weight of the world, Cuban Missile Crisis.
John F KennedyIn the earlier post by asingaporeson, he celebrated negativity as his natural trait. He delights in it as the rest of the world remain baffled by his irrational actions. He becomes a father today. He had received the greatest gift that a man can ever asked for... A beautiful daughter.I offered him a succinct sentence today. "From today onwards, your daughter comes first. You, come last."I am probably the total opposite of him. While he thrives on negativity. I on the other hand has suffered the severe stings of negativity many times before. There is no joy in those stings... I can assure you. While I am not the absolute sunshine boy as my wife can attest, I definitely do not enjoy negativity.While I was young, unlike asingaporeanson. I do not play the dark figures. When I played the role playing game Dungeon and Dragons, I always choose to play the upright and fair Paladin knight. The lawful good. The knight in th…

A Singaporean In Australia: Powered by Negativity

A Singaporean In Australia: Powered by Negativity: Foreword This is probably a post that nobody really wants to read. I've been procrastinating about it since I landed in Perth. That ...

Starry Night

It has been a day of grief for me. Life dealt me a terrible hand today and I am forced to continue playing a losing game. It is mediocre compared to the life and death experiences daily that I once was used to. To be frank, perhaps I rather deal with those now than the petty politics I have to deal with now.

Probably I felt more alive back then and life was much more meaningful.

As I gaze upon the inky black starless sky out of my bedroom window. My thoughts went back to those starry nights...

January 1998

I trudged across the soft sandy soil of the savanna grassland. I took a deep breath. The pungent smell of the strange savanna thorny flower permeated my lungs. I breathed out, vapour condensing in the cold night air.

My ride, a Mercedes GD290 jeep stood in the distance. The mounted Milan missile launcher stood sentinel against the back drop of the night sky.

Feeling the usual ache on my neck from the weight bearing, I adjusted the rifle sling. The clip of the rifle sling of m…



Dreams of Rallying with an Unilkely Hero

It is another crazy day at work. Countless tasks, incessant phone calls and numerous emails. I worked from 8.30am to 10pm yet again. It may even be longer if my wife did not wrench me from my desk.Total mileage ran this week? 0 km. My training plan out of the window. Almost all my social plans were also put on hold. Work, work, work.It is times like this that made one query one's livelihood. Where am I heading? Am I happy? I sneak out for a little drive during lunch time. It was a short drive but it gave me a respite from my all day desk flying. The sound of the engine roar and the feeling of being able to control where I am heading gave me some relief.I long for the open spaces and the country roads of the countryside. To steer my own Nissan March along those winding tree-lined country roads. Using the throttle to adjust the car along the apex of the curves. Let me fantasize on that dream drive...Important Note: Do not attempt this with your car. It is dangerous and may cause sev…

Hungary, IRIS, Us

I stayed up late last night to watch the rerun of IRIS last night on KBS Channel. It is my favourite Korean drama to date. Probably because it is about espionage, politics and military service. These made an ex infantryman who read political science in university so intrigued about it. Not to mention, it has a very beautiful love story that tugs my heart every time I view it.Watching the episode last night, I realised it was set in location in a castle which I had just recently went during my honeymoon. It was the Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary. In that episode, Hyeon Jun (played by Lee Byung Hun), a South Korean spy was made to complete a assassination of a North Korean politician at the Buda Castle. After all I missed several episodes when IRIS was first screened, I was not aware that it was filmed in Hungary at some point.Viewing the castle on the screen, I made out the pavements, that I walked, the statues I marvel at. The viewing point on the castle where my mind was rather tr…

Posted 'Night Flight' to forum

I have always been a big fan of evo magazine. Being reading it since 2005, and have bought the British version prior to the formation of Evo Singapore.
Tonight I posted 'Night Flight' to the Evo forum in UK. For once, I am writing and the writers in the magazine gets a read!

Motivational Poster #2

Courtesy of Runnersworld

Phone Overboard!

My trusty Nokia E72 had almost met its end yesterday. Just to let you know this blog was written almost entirely on this phone. I do not have a decent computer in my possession except for this phone.

While talking to a GD yesterday over a very late lunch. The phone fell overboard into a bowl of soup. To be precise, a bowl of herbal duck soup. It went head in, and poof...

Display gone, sound gone and vapour all over the screen. I took out the battery immediately and went on to wash the phone of its soup and grease. My heart was pumping all the way.

I put it on GD's dashboard to sun. And prayed. 1 hours later. I tried turning it on... The screen flicked on, graphics garbled..and went off. I took stock of my options, my phone was not due for a replacement till 2 months later. It will cost a bomb to replace it.

Following the advice from this link:

I put the E72 into my camera box. The humidity is 40% in the box. The vapour slowl…

Night Flight

My 6 year old Nissan March (affectionately known as Marchie) has been a great part of my life over the years. This will be the first post that I will be writing about it.

Dropping off Lye at his home in Woodlands, it was already 12.15am, 2 Jan 2012. I prepared myself for a long drive back home in the still of the night.
After waving goodbye to L, I adjusted my seat and saw that my phone was going flat. I plugged it into the
car charger, and realised it wasn't charged. Waiting along the road with my blinkers on, I tried to troubleshoot.

Adjust socket, no response. Adjust cable, no response, adjust cable again. It started charging. Then it dropped. There is a fault with a cable. Tried again. The same problem again. My heart sank, the car phone charger is out of commission. I will need a new cable. But it won't be available. I will need to purchase another charger sometime soon.

I kept the charging kit and tidy up the dashboard. Put Marchie into gear, blinkers off and I glided …

Happy New Year!

Wishing all readers a Happy New Year! May the year ahead be joyful and full of good cheer!