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Taking Stock

While dabbling under the hood of my engine bay, I came to the realisation that if my little Nissan March/Micra K12 is a race car and need to paste sponsor stickers all over. It will include the following:

Nissan: Chassis
AichiKikai: CR14DE engine
Jatco: Transmission
Bosch: ABS, EBD, BA, Braking System, Wipers
Kansei Calsonic: Electrical System
Michelin: Tyres, backup navigation system
Renault: Wiper system
Sharp Plasma Cluster: Air-Conditioning System
Varta: Battery
NGK: Spark plugs
Mobile1: Engine oil
Caltex: Coolant, Fuel
Tokico: Shock Absorbers
Kenwood: Sound System
Nokia: Main GPS and mobile phone
Jabra: Bluetooth
Vosonic: Onboard Video Camera
Meguiars: Wax
Fairprice: Eh... tissue box
Mercedes Benz: Multi Tool
D&G SAF: Maglite

That's quite a lot of stickers ain't it...