Crossing the Alps

Tempting times
Recently, an advertisement for a good valued, used Volvo V40 D2 came onto my radar. I had many good memories with the V40 D3 in Switzerland and it is a tempting proposition to make my next ride a Volvo.
The time I had with the V40 D3 in Switzerland was truly magical. One of those great road trips moments that I had in my motoring life. I call them my "Top Gear" moments.  Hence, I shall pen down those memories in this post.

Alps Crossing – 20 April 2014

My wife and I had left Swarovski’s Kristallwatten at about 2pm. We were at Innsbruck, Austria. It was an exceptionally sunny day in Austria, in fact, I remembered lowering all the windows using a button on the key fob to let the hot air in the Volvo escape before we got in the car. That was probably the only time I used the windows function in Europe.

The 290 km journey calls a 5 hour drive from Austria, through Switzerland, crossing the Alps into Northern Italy, where we will eventually arrived in our B&am…

Life in a Day: My Dad and I

Having experienced some truly troubling news regarding my father’s condition in the past week. I decided to come up with this little post to summarised what I have learned and felt in the past week

5am in the morning
You are born into the world. Your eyes are bleary and you are not aware of who, where, what you are. You meet your parents for the first time.

6am in the morning
You begin your first tentative steps. The world is a wondrous place. Your parents are your shelter and your support.

7am in the morning
You stepped into your Primary School and left the comfort of your home behind. You begin your academic career. Your parents send you to the school gate and as you step in, you are on your own in school.

8am in the morning
You begin the tumultuous days of teenage life. You have your friends to hang out with. Places to explore, new games to play. The voice on the phone is from your parents, asking you where you are and when you are coming home.

9am in the morning
You joined th…

Why Uber in Singapore is Great!

Here is a post from an old friend, Justin on the topic of Uber.

While I drive about once a week to allow me to spend some time on the road and to structure my life. Justin is a more serious driver and he definitely put the money where his mouth is. I truly salute him for his endurance on the road. I have spoken about the shortcomings on Uber before on my earlier post, and I am glad he remains very positive about driving for Uber despite of its shortcomings.

Below is his Referral Link if you are interested to drive for Uber, just click on it and register with Uber accordingly. You will make SGD$100, and he will make some referral fee and that will help to give him a respite from his endurance driving.

Post from Guest Blogger, Justin Teo
Why Uber in Singapore is Great!

[Pre-qualifications – For people who have a good driving licence, who want to earn extra bucks, who have free time on weekends/weekdays/public holidays, who are doing shift work o…

My Inner German

Today I am not going to write an educational post. This is a more personal post. It is about my journey with touching an innate vein within myself and one that I am still trying to find answers with. It is about my brush with my inner German.

Zurich, April 2014
It was a trip that I was looking forward to. I planned the Switzerland self-drive trip meticulously and tirelessly. My wife and me were travelling back to Europe for the first time since our honeymoon in 2011. Being a Top Gear fan and petrol head, I was looking forward to driving on the Stelvio Pass in Italy as well as on the speed derestricted German autobahns. The journey for this free spirited trip would require me to drive through Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Northern Italy. I had not driven in the continent before, hence there were much preparation like reading up on the dos and don’ts of European driving, driving through weather and even the testing of cars which I could potentially drive there.

We landed in Zuri…

Discover! Explore! Learn!

The Baby Instinct
When you were a baby or a toddler, the world is a wondrous place. You seek to peek through holes, dig at nooks and crannies, climb high and low to seek different perspectives of the world. The moment we wake up, we began exploring, searching and unconsciously learning about this world.
Sometimes, this little explorations leads to great stuff like discovering a can of candies, or it could lead to disaster which culminated into a hard landing onto the unyielding ground. But despite that, we continued exploring and discovering. Our enthusiasm never wanes. I can attest to that as my little 10 month old baby Gerald has unlimited energy and is relentless on his attacks on things that are within his grasp.
This poem “ the Elephant’s Child” by Rudyard Kipling illustrate the curiosity of the child but also illustrate the preoccupied adult mind

I KEEP six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When  And How and Where and Who. I se…

The Risks of Being Employed

The Risk of Business
Some may say that it is because I am currently self-employed and hence that is why I am now lobbying for the greatness of running a business and being self-employed.
Let me be fair. Much have been said about the risks of running a business. You may fail, you may get cheated. The income is not stable. You are affected by the weather of the economy etc. In fact, just earlier today, I just message a friend to advise him to stay at his current job instead of setting up his own business. Well, he is valued at work and his prospects are good. And his pay is substantial. So why not.
In essence, employment is never going to be as risky as being self-employed. I agree and I accept that.
As an analogy, running a business is like flying. The risks are numerous and in the event of an accident, and you have fewer chances of walking away alive. However, being employed is like driving. Largely, it is safe and in the event of an accident, most cars are built in a way that…

It is a mad mad world

Looking at the headlines today, it is a world that has gone mad. What has happened to sensibility? What has happened to common sense?

Triggering Brexit

The British PM Theresa May is triggering the exit of UK from the European Union using Article 50. Hence, a two year time line starts for UK to negotiate her way out of EU. Well, she is just carrying out what she need to do according to the wishes of the majority of the British people who wanted to leave the EU. Somebody has to do the deed. Not Nigel Farage, he is long gone after creating trouble and getting what he wanted.
So what does this means for UK?
Positives? Hmm…well you get to decide what you want to do with your country and not be controlled by a remote government at Brussels. You get to decide not to admit migrants? You get to wave the British flag and say you are truly independent.
Negatives? Well, lots of troubling news ahead.
The big ones. Your banks will leave UK. UK traditionally is a base for the non-German, French, …