Life in a Day: My Dad and I

Cessna 172 in the air over Bavaria

Having experienced some truly troubling news regarding my father’s condition in the past week. I decided to come up with this little post to summarised what I have learned and felt in the past week

5am in the morning

You are born into the world. Your eyes are bleary and you are not aware of who, where, what you are. You meet your parents for the first time.

6am in the morning

You begin your first tentative steps. The world is a wondrous place. Your parents are your shelter and your support.

7am in the morning

You stepped into your Primary School and left the comfort of your home behind. You begin your academic career. Your parents send you to the school gate and as you step in, you are on your own in school.

8am in the morning

You begin the tumultuous days of teenage life. You have your friends to hang out with. Places to explore, new games to play. The voice on the phone is from your parents, asking you where you are and when you are coming home.

9am in the morning

You joined the armed forces and became an infantry soldier. You travelled far and wide as your mission requires. “Your mum can’t sleep at night while you were away in those faraway places,” my dad told me.

10am in the morning

You graduated from University. You feel that the world is your oyster. Your parents stood proud with you at the Commencement in the University knowing that you have a bright future in front of you.

11am in the morning

You flew the Cessna 172 while your dad sat at the back seat. You were busy with the controls while Dad enjoyed himself with his camera taking in the aerial views. Upon landing, dad told me. “From now on, you can drive the van on your own. Since you can fly a plane, you can drive anything.”

12pm Noon

You got diagnosed with a debilitating illness. You lost your career and you lost your future. You have no idea what is your life going to be. Dad tried to comfort me, “Let’s buy this new van since you seems to like it a lot. Hope it makes you happier.”

1pm in the afternoon

Your ligament is torn and you are unable to walk. You had a month’s rest at home. Mum and dad came and fetch you out for meals and send you home. They even got a parking fine for helping you up to your apartment

2pm in the afternoon

You got married and settled down with your wife. Dad had closed his business and is in the sunset days of his life. Come and join me for tea when you can, he asked.

2.30pm in the afternoon

You started your own business. You are busy with forging an income and success with your own hands. Dad called and told you the dos and don’ts of running a business.

3pm in the afternoon

You have a son now and he crawls all over the place. Dad is semi lucid now. He doesn’t know where he is. He got confused by the days. Yet, Dad will asked, where is little Gerald? He looks just like you when you were a baby.

4pm in the afternoon
Your son is now attending Primary School. Your business have done well and as you stepped into your car. You thought Dad would like this car. I hope Dad would be there for me to chauffeur around.

5pm in the afternoon

Your son joins the army and began his tour of duty  and perhaps like his dad, he travels all over the world. I can’t sleep. I hope Dad is there to tell me that he felt the same apprehension when I went around with the infantry.

6pm in the evening

I am in the sunset years of my life. I hope Dad will still be around to chat with the semi-retired me.

7pm in the evening

I hope Mum and Dad will be around.

8pm in the evening

I hope Mum and Dad will be around.

9pm in the evening.

I hope Mum and Dad will be around.



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