Running as a form of transportation

Its being busy days for me as a newly wed couple going through their first Chinese New Year together. Despite being on holidays for the past four days, my running schedule have fallen behind.

Today, after ending my new year visits early. I sent wifey home to rest while I prepared to sneak off for a run. I was preparing for a coastal run as usual till her cousin CT called and asked if we wanted dinner.

Wifey turned down the offer as she wasn't keen to travel out. I offered to make the trip down by foot. I was at Geylang East Central. Her aunt's place was at Chuan Place. Usually it would take a 20 minutes drive down to the place. Wifey told CT that I am running down. CT replied in disbelief, not expecting that I will actually do that.

I changed into my running gear. Did my warm up and check Google Maps for the distance to destination. 6.1km. Should be an easy run.

I started my GPS tracker,Endomondo and the heart rate monitor. One foot in front of the other, I commenced my run.

Running along the roads, it was a different world from the coastal runs that I usually do. The exhaust fumes from the passing cars definitely doesn't make it pleasant. Distances seem to be shorter. I covered quite a long distance before the GPS clicked 1km. I thought to myself, at this rate I am going. I may reached there before the distance clicked 6km.

Traffic lights, upslopes, downslopes, passing runners, petrol stations, supermarkets. All this I passed. And I arrive at the destination in 50 minutes. Distance covered? 6.48km.
While I was expecting a quiet house, I arrive to a house full of visitors. My sister in law was the first to see me. She squealed in disbelief.

"I thought you were only joking! Are you OK?" She asked.

"I am OK." I chuckled. I thought to myself, it is only a short run for me. Usually, I cover even longer distances.

The rest of the relatives started questioning me in awe about the feat that I done. To me, it was just a short run. It came to my realisation that most non runners are really amazed by people travelling from point A to B by foot. Especially when the distance require usually a vehicle or public transport to cover.

There we go, if runners were to use our long distance stamina for transportation. It probably might just work.

Distance Covered: 6.48km
By car: approx 20 min
By bus: approx 40 min
By foot: 50 min

Go figure.:)


  1. 6.48kim in 50min!? That's seriously AMAZING! I may be able to walk that distance but running seems almost impossible :O

  2. LOL. It is probably an impossible distance when I first started running. Over time it is possible to get use to it. Slowly 6km will not be as long as it once seems.

  3. A bus takes 40 minutes to travel 6.48 km? That's World Class Public Transportation indeed.

  4. What to do? The bus company need to make money ya?. So running is only slightly slower than taking the public transport.


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