Review: Plantronics M50 Bluetooth headset

"Power On. Battery Medium. Connected."

An American accented female voice greeted me when I turn on the Plantronics M50 headset. Another workday for this headset.

I have been using this headset for almost a month now and I must say. It is the finest Bluetooth headset I have used so far. I have gotten this headset as a gift from a buddy who files Boeing 777s for a living. He bought it at Costronics in the United States and brought it back for me.

User friendliness

The sound quality is superb compared to my previous Bluetooth. A first generation Jabra and a Motorola Bluetooth set. The American accented voice reminded me of the "Bitchin Betty" in the F16 Viper fighter jet. The status of the Bluetooth is clearly announced to me once I start up the headset. Battery life, connection, incoming calls or messages are informed effectively through "Bitchin Betty". This surely beats any LCD display or indicator lights in term of intuitiveness. The voice also reminded me of my buddy's job as his aircraft probably has the kind of voice reminding him of the status of the aircraft. Plantronics, Boeing, both very American products after all.

Set up was simple. Turn on the head set, press the main button and hold. A Blue & Red light flashes, and the headset is ready to be paired. Turn on Bluetooth on my Nokia 710 and scan. "Plt_m50" displays on the Nokia and tap on it to pair. In a jiffy, the pairing is done and the headset is ready for use.

With the Nokia Lumia 710. Messages are read out on the headset once it is received. You can also reply to the message through dictation if you want as the Windows Phone has a good voice recognition device. The M50 performs well in this aspect as it has a good mic.

It is also possible to voice dial and open apps, though a Windows Phone functionality, the M50 helps again with its excellent mic.

Sound Quality

Good bass reproduction. Good treble as well. Despite being a mono headset, the M50 has good sound reproduction. As the M50 is A2DP enabled, it can also be used as a headset to listen to music, watch movies or play games. Despite being a mono Bluetooth headset, sometimes I would use it an alternative to my usual JVC headset. The M50 is definitely more comfortable than my JVC professional headset.

Battery Life

Another strong point of the M50. The battery almost never gets depleted. In the entire month of heavy usage, like watching 2 hour long movies and listening to audiobooks. I have only charged the M50 once. The charging time is longer than my previous Bluetooth headsets though. This is probably because of a bigger battery in it.


I have only one gripe about the M50. That is the volume button. It doesn't have a volume up down toggle. It only has one button which cycle from the lowest volume to the loudest. This means if you want to turn down the volume you will have to loop across the loudest volume setting to get to the lowest setting. Bummer. The saving grace is that "Bitchin Betty" will inform you that you have reached the loudest volume.


A good buy. Plantronics as a Bluetooth headset brand is a premium brand in Singapore. It is probably second only to Jabra. Hence, it will cost a bit more. But with the added functionality and the good quality, it is well worth the money.

Thanks bro, for the excellent gift!


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