Nokia Lumia 710: One week on... Living with the Toyota Axio with the Maserati engine.

It has been almost a week since I have gotten my hands on the Nokia Lumia 710. Do I missed my E72? The answer is yes.

Lets start off with the bad about the newbie and get it out of the system.

1. It doesn't sync with Microsoft Outlook

It doesn't like Microsoft alot, so syncing it with your desktop doesn't make much sense. Your tasks, calendar, contacts all can't be sync directly with the phone. My old Symbian E72 sync like a dream in comparison. Wait a minute, isn't Windows Phone 7.5 a Microsoft product?

2. You can't cut and paste. Well, not in the traditional sense.

Another sign of Microsoft hatred. Isn't cut and paste a hallmark of Microsoft?

3. Expected demerit, The Lumia 710 drinks...

Well, a Maserati V8 drinks... So this is expected. Got to pay the price for a 1.5g processor and a GPU. Charging is necessary every night.

The good or rather the Great :D

1. Very modern interface.

The Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phone is very slick and very radical. Pretty too... So new is the interface, that it makes the Android and gasp, the IPhone interface well seems a bit prehistoric...

2. Well the Apps are not as much as the other platforms. But you won't find it lacking. More quality free Apps than IPhone I suppose.

3. The graphics! the speed!

Amazingly fast, no hangs, no waiting too. Games on the phone has graphics equivalent to a desktop. Well, I am a poor man. So I have not purchased any paid Games yet. Those should be even better.

4. The Toyota Axio body of the Lumia 710 grows on you over time.

It looks better over time. Furthermore, typical Nokia build quality. It is well built, and will withstand future drops and knocks. The special matte cheap looking plastic battery cover makes it a joy to hold. I can't figure it why too.

It is still a pain, to type on touchsreen. I promise more postings in future. I miss the old keyboard of my E72... old friend.


  1. Individualism rocks.

    iphone is overhyped and overpriced. glad u avoid the carrot chopping

  2. Individualism comes at a price though. I no longer have Opera on the phone. There goes all the links.


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