Panoramas of the World through Nokias

Berlin, Germany, E72
Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic, E72
Dresden,Germany E72
Westin Siray, Phuket, Thailand,, E72
MacPherson Canal, Singapore, Lumia 710
Trailer along highway in Slovakia, E72
The old E72 had a superb camera function, it has a panoramic function which stitches multiple images from it 5mps camera (main camera, as Nokia calls it. Sounds like a main gun on an M1 Abrams tank which sounds cool)

I missed the function in the Lumia 710.

Here are the views of the world that I have fired using the main gun, sorry, main camera.

The last photo however, taken in Singapore was from the Lumia 710. A newfound app seems to be able to replicate the function.

Thank you Nokia for the memories...



  2. Yep that is what I am using to take the MacPherson shot. Installed the creative studio just a few days ago.


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