iPhone 7 review from an Apple Cynic

Let me get an iPhone.

I had never had an Apple product. Not one.

The iPhone, iPad, iMac etc. They are beautifully made and popular almost to a fault. They are also very pricey. Way above what I would pay for an electronic device in which have an average service life of 2 years.

 Apple as a company is filthy rich and has one of the largest cash reserves. In other words, I did not wish to one of the contributors to their cash reserve.

Their technology was not as advanced as claimed by their advertising. Many other mobile phone companies have more advanced technologies and for example, live images was already on my Nokia Lumia 930 in 2014 but was only launched with the iPhone 6S only in Sep 2015. I am sure the Android pundits from Samsung and other companies would agree with this.

iPhone as a technology platform was hardly ground breaking. But it pretends to be ground breaking.

So why did I buy one?

I had been a supporter of Nokia and their Lumia range. In part, because I always believe in the underdog. Because, of the ZEISS lense technology. I am a photography enthusiast.

I also particularly like the new Windows 10 Mobile interface and how seamless it integrates with my Windows 10 equipped ASUS T300chi laptop.

More importantly, I don't have the deep pockets needed to buy Apple devices.

However, as my Lumia 930 grew tired and started acting up. I knew it was time for a replacement. There was no decent Windows 10 flagship in sight. And while I uses Android tablets for my students and lessons. I didn't fancy having the interface for my daily communication and computing needs.

Hence, enter the iPhone 7 into my life.

The transfer of personal data such as contacts, calendars, pictures etc wasn't as seamless as the old Lumia range. Previously, it was log out and wipe out the data in the previous Lumia phone. Turn on the new Lumia phone and log in. In a matter of minutes, all the data is ported over and it is as if there was no change of phone. Everything is there as it was.

In the case of the iPhone 7, I used Outlook to login and my contacts and calendars are ported over. My old pictures remained in the cloud with OneDrive and new pictures taken are also uploaded there instead of iCloud.

Life Changing

While the iOS interface is archiac compared to the Windows 10 mobile. The point is everything works and there is no strange crashing or hangs that you get when you uses Android apps.

You have supported Apps for everything, Pocket, Uber, Microsoft Office, Spotify, everything works.

The battery life is wonderful. The quad core A10 processor with its twin fast processor cores and twin energy efficient cores allows the iPhone 7 to be used for a whole day easily on a single charge. Unless, you do use the iPhone intensively.

And even when you do, the A10 processor barely heats up. Unlike my old Lumia 930 which heats up enough to warm food and have a dismal battery life.

And most importantly, it looks as if it will last a long time. Not my words. I get these from other iPhone users. These phones last a long time.

While the price is a pain, I felt it was worth it. Now, I am no longer the outsider when it comes to apps. The phone is stable and will fulfil my needs for a long time to come.

Now, perhaps it is time to get an iPad to replace my ageing Lenovo and Samsung Android tablets. How's about an iMac to replace the Asus T300chi? hmm....


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