Freelancing: Feeling "lost" and terrified...

Changi Airport Terminal 3

It is a nice, quiet Tuesday morning, I have decided to take things slow on this day and not cram too many things on the schedule. 

Former Hectic Life

I had being juggling a permanent job and running my teaching business for many years. Day in day out, I had been rushing through meals, rushing from one point to another. Having many deadlines to juggle on the day job. Lessons plans to be made for my classes. Family time to juggle. etc. etc.

Current Reality

I woke up on Tuesday morning at 8am, sent my baby boy and his mummy to his infant care centre and drove to Changi International Airport for my medical checkup. After the check up, which ended at 10.30am, I walked out of the clinic and began wandering along the airport terminal. My mind endlessly thinking about finding something to do.

Note that this is not a off day for me. I do have lessons in the evenings. I just have the morning and afternoon off. I thought to myself, perhaps I should call up the car rental company to get a Uber car for a spot of Uber driving. Perhaps, there is some paperwork to do or errands to run. Perhaps, I should head to the office to sit down to read and write my blog. 

I was utterly lost

I look at the restaurants and cafes, yes in my previous life. I would have loved to have time to sit down in a restaurant to have a nice meal or spend time in a cafe over coffee to read. It was a luxury I yearned to have. Now I can, but I couldn't do it. I know it sounds like a first world problem. But I was quite terrified.

Germanic Trait

I remembered watching a documentary on modern day Germany and remembered the reporter interviewing a German on how he spends his free time. The German was quite serious about the word "vacation" and gave a solemn face reply that vacations are a free and a dangerous time. It requires careful planning and structure.

Yes, I do have a strand of German DNA in me and now I feel just as terrified as that solemn face German.

Back to the cubicle

In the end, I gave in. Headed to my nearest Regus serviced office and wrote this post. I did have my coffee.  

In an office cubicle though.


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