Obama won!


A young Obama in 2008

A much older Obama in 2012

If you asked me if I have been following the US presidential elections? I would answer, "vaguely."

But truth is when I knew Obama won. I was happy, in fact very happy.

It has been a tough four years for him and the United States. A stumbling economy, political gridlock, natural and man-made disasters all made the job of the most powerful man on Earth, one of the toughest job on Earth too.

True, Obama did not managed to deliver all that he wanted to in the past four years. But the items promised were not simple matters to solve too. With this unfulfilled promises undermining him, Obama faced an uphill fight against Romney. But in the end, the nation made their choice. They chose to stick with the most charismatic and only black president the US have ever seen. Probably the poorest president that have ever came to power too. God bless America. :)

I could still remember what he wrote in his book" The Audacity of Hope". He wrote about how he drove for hours on his own, driving to obsure towns to give speeches to sometimes an audience of only one or two people at a dinning table. He also wrote on how he has to make ends meet by writing books while been overshadowed by his more successful wife Michelle.

I could relate to that as I often for miles to coach or lecture to students. It is a lonely experience and when worries about bills come to one's mind during those journeys. It can be a truly depressing experience.

Nevertheless, that was the past for him. While the job ahead is tough, he will continue to be the most powerful man on Earth for the next 4 years.

Congrats Obama, well done!


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