If only the old boys were here...

Here I am, rumbling on a bus towards the last function of this year in camp training. With this gathering, it marks the close of the mandatory duty for this year.

Over the weekend, I communicated with the platoon mates of my former unit. They have all completed their mandatory services and have left the army. Many of which were very close friends. Man, do I miss this guys.

As I am in a new unit, I see alot of new faces. Though there are many familiar faces as well. They belong to other platoons. In the bunk that I stayed in, it was all new faces.

It wasn't easy adjusting to the new camaraderie. You see them as new faces, they look at you as the odd man out. It was hard to fit in. Nevertheless, I managed to engage in small talk with them and broke the ice. But it is hard not to think of the phrase "if only the old boys were here

I missed the antics of the old platoon joker, the helpfulness of my buddies and the firm and close knit command of my commanders. Without them, I had to make doubly sure that I took care of myself as no one will look out for you as the old mates once do.

In a strange way, it felt like I was stepping back in time to basic military training some 15 years ago. I had to make sure I got my kit sorted right and remember instructions or lessons given. There is no one to remind you. You are kept on your toes all day.

Being an experienced soldier, of course it wasn't hard to do the soldiering duties. But it does felt lonely, during meal times and breaks. You had to try to fit in.

Nevertheless, as I attended lessons and drills with the new guys. Slowly a sense of camaraderie began to form. A mild form. But camaraderie it is.

It will get better, it will get better.


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