The running robot : the aviator

I browse through my old blog today. A blog which I stop writing after my illness struck. It reminded me of the old life of the running robot.

Back in those days, running robot was a professional teacher and was earmarked with a great future. His promotions were swift and he was the quintessential go-getter. However, his heart was always with his first love. Flying...

After years of being told that the bespectacled running robot has no place in the world of pilots. A fellow flyboy AJ reached out his hand and brought the running robot into the cockpit. It was after all a myth. Pilots do not have to have natural perfect eyesight.

Blessed with a license of the Civil Aviation Authority. Soon, the robot was a regular in the cockpit of a Cessna 172N earning his way towards his Private Pilot License. On weekdays, the robot will be teaching students Geography in the school. On the weekends, he will in the skies, buzzing overhead his home and school. The students that he taught were aware of these as the robot sometime uses picture taken from the air to teach physical geography . Many a times, his student would ask him this.

'Mr Hoo, were you in the airplane above when I was practicing my soccer in the field last saturday'

I could only smile and say.

I could never know for sure if the plane he saw was mine. The school was located in a place near ' Area Alpha'. It was the training playground for both civilian and military aircraft.
My plan was simple, get my license and after finishing my bond with the Ministry. I would go off and join the airlines.

I missed the days when my hand smell of aviation gas. The blast of air from both propellers and turbine engines. I had sunburnt face and arms due to long periods of being exposed to the sun when in flight or being on the apron checking my aircraft. The aircraft had a name, it is called 9V-BOQ or more affectionately known as Niner Victor Bravo Oscar Quebec. I flew another aircraft occasionally. The American registered November plate aircraft. It was always a difficult plane to handle. Even though they were of the same type.
It was my childhood dream came true. The very first flight I had, was on 1 October 2003, Childrens' Day. What a wonderful Childrens' Day present.

I had endless adventures in the sky. There were fun times and also scary times. I even came close to seeing my life flashed passed me when a large bird collided with the aircraft during one of my landings. While I handled the crisis smoothly and landed safely. My hands were shaking for hours later.
Scary as it maybe. I was living my dream, I loved it!

Sadly, all that came to an end when illness struck. My heavy work schedule finally over burdened my health. My pilot's licence was suspended and I had to rest and recuperate. Till this day, I still remember those sad words from my instructor, when I broke the news to him that I could no longer fly.

That yearning remains with me till this day...


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