A peaceful Christmas Eve...

It has been a wet day over here in Singapore. I have been driving up and down the island to attend my family barbecue gathering in the north. It has been a while since all of us have gathered together since my wedding a few months ago.

My mum made herbal soup and green curry in addition to the usual grilled food. It has been a long while since I had a taste of my mum's cooking. It made me miss the days I used to stay with my parents when I was much younger.

Tonight, felt like a step back to the past. The old parking complex where I used to park my car. Walking along the familar pavements. Going to the 7-11 store which I used to patronized regularly. Seeing the old neighbours. Smelling the fresh air at Bukit Panjang...So much have stayed the same, yet circumstances are so different.

It has been another quiet Christmas Eve for me this year. While I long for the hype and good cheer of Christmas parties of yesteryears. I guess the peacefulness of this year Christmas Eve has a charm of its own...

Merry Christmas to you, dear readers.:)


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