Long term test, Nokia Lumia 710: Internet Explorer failed to open multiple tabs.

The Internet Explorer on my Lumia 710 has decided to take a holiday. It has stopped working properly since last Thursday.

First it refuses to start up. Even after turning off the phone. After some browsing on the net using the browser Surfer Cube, I realised it is common problem for Windows Phone. I found a solution to correct the start up problem. You have to fix the settings for the Internet Explorer "to open links to other applications in the CURRENT TAB"

That way, the Internet Explorer can start up. But the multiple tab function has ceased working. I could only browse websites one page at a time.

This is pretty annoying as all my favourite links are saved on Internet Explorer.  I am not able to uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer. This is because the IE is an uninstallable app. The only option now is to reset my phone. Not an option that I relish.

Guess I will transfer all my links manually to Surfer Cube for now. Hope Microsoft will look into this problem and soon!

I hope Opera will come out with a browser for Windows Phone too. It remains my favourite browser on desktop and my previous smart phones. It is a real pity for Opera to overlook the windows phone market when it provided one of the best browser for Windows Mobile in the olden days.

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  1. Fix to "Nokia Lumia 3g/4g not working"
    Watch solution at following youtube video:


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