March Cup

It has been a long day of driving for me as I ran around the island doing my errands. The smooth handling of Marchie made me fall in love with it once again.

The light but accurate steering. The smooth slishing of the cabin as Marchie cruises along the motorways. The easy moderation of the throttle as one adjust its handling when approaching a corner. While Marchie doesnt have an abundance of torque, pickup is spritely and easily surpasses most normal cars on the roads.

While reading an evo article on a modified Nissan Juke, also term as Nissan Juke R. I came across the weblink for Nismo (Nissan Motorsports). I started browsing the website and found that it offered performance parts for the Nissan March. A complete race ready Nissan March known as the Nissan March S Tune is also available for sale. Talk about racing pedigree, the K12 Nissan March definitely has it. Amazing.

Finally, I stumbled upon the March Cup Series and began looking for the images of this one make race series. It was amazing to see the cutesy Marchies all lined up on the Fuji Speedway... While the races do not have the 300km/h pace of Formula One races. The pace is seriously quick and no nonsense.

Long live the racing Marches...


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