Ballet of the the Range Rover

All you out there who think that Land Rovers are clumsy, slow and uncouth creatures. Take a look at this video and I guarantee an immediate change of perspective.

Remember to take up the volume to hear the sound track that accompany the dance. And remember the drifting was done by an elderly gentleman by the name of Harry Metcalfe. Enjoy!



    something interesting to share, though it's not car related.

  2. I can't access the article though.What is it about?:'(

  3. it's an app for phone.

    they research and found humans have an instinct of running away from predators. so they come up with this interactive app that tells you story while you run.

    it's like playing an arcade game while running.

    in their description:

    The story, performed by professional actors, plays out in one to two minute acts interspersed between the music runners already have on their devices. As players progress throughout the game, they start uncovering the mystery of how this futuristic world came to be filled with zombies.

    Each mission that players embark on is approximately half an hour and there are currently 13 missions available, with 17 more in development. Players advance in the game by automatically collecting supplies like medicine, batteries and water for fellow humans back at their base.

    "You hear the sound of the gates of the base you live in going up and someone says, 'The gates are broken -- we've got an emergency' and suddenly the megaphone goes on and tells you to report to the gate immediately 'Go, go, go!'", said Hon about the beginning of mission three.

    the app does track running info like endo as well.

  4. Not applicable for Windows Phone though...sigh.


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