Running Robot at the tracks

The running during my formative years, affected my physical development. I was lean and dark. I have strong legs but very tight hamstrings. Hence, I continued to flop my physical fitness tests in school. I failed my sit and reach station as I was not flexible. The standing broad jump station was also an obstacle at times as my leg muscles were meant for endurance running and not for jumping!

I continued running throughout my secondary school days. Moving on to junior college, I thought I'll join the track and field team since I was interested in running. How wrong, I would be.
The track team at that time placed great value for sprinters and other short distance runners. The farthest distance they had were 1200m. Being too light and equipped with slow twitch muscle, I wasn't sprinter material. Not to mention that all I had as running shoes were my asics with slippery soles which also served as my school shoes. I could not afford the spike shoes or other running shoes which the coach could purchased at a discount.

I was placed as a middle distance runner, running 400m or 800m events. The training was grueling, and I was always coming in last. I knew I was not one of the coach's favourite athlete. Bit by bit, my interest in running, especially in competitive running wane. I began skipping sessions and eventually I stopped. Stopped running...

On hindsight, I wasn't aware of long distance running back then. I knew there were marathons but I thought it was for elites or people with extraordinary abilities. I knew neither of the distance or what it entails. If I had known that I belonged somewhere in the field of long distance running. I probably wouldn't have given up.


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