Not too good...

Did a run by the beach at East Coast just now. My usual running place. A planned 7km run. Upon reaching my water point at the 4km mark, I bought a sports drink from the vending machine and started walking while drinking.
I started feeling dizzy and weak. I checked my heart rate monitor, a healthy 69percent. It wasn't spiking. Usually if I am going to fall ill or an infection coming, the heart rate will spike to 80percent and beyond. I begin to fear if it is my blood pressure or is it because of the lack of food. After all, it is already 8.30pm and I have not had dinner.
Walked for a while more and tried restarting the run. 100m and stopped. Felt faint, walk somemore. I am 3km from the car and I do not relish walking the whole way. Tried running again and it held.
For the rest of the run, I felt like a zombie. The scenery just flash by me and I keep feeling weak. I almost doze off at one point. Reached my end point and did my warm down in a half hearted session. The total run was 6.9km.
I hope it is not my blood pressure acting up. It has been a stressful week and I havent had enough sleep. I will take an early rest today just to make sure things will be fine tomorrow...


  1. It's both tiredness and hunger. I got that before too.
    Don't push yourself too hard. More of these and interests will wane. Got to be enjoyable

  2. It is tiredness... guess I am quite worn out lately. I hope to be able to go back to Wessex estate for a run again this weekend. Fun to be running in that old rustic English village.:)

  3. Look at for cars, though there aren't so many there. it's a higher place so it's actually good for running come to think of it. great choice.

  4. Wanted to do the run today at Wessex but can't. Its being raining the whole day.:(


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