Car Selection: preliminary verdict

It has being raining the whole morning. I am waiting for my little opportunity to go for a little run.
I met my parents for lunch yesterday and had a little discussion about the car issue. I raised the possiblity of changing down to a newer Hyundai Picanto to save costs. He immediately put down the idea. His mechanic has complained to him that he always have a Picanto in his garage every week. Hence, it has a durability issue. Korean parts were also expensive. So I could end up paying more for maintainance in long run.
It was a relief to hear those words. Heartwise, I haven't had the slightest inclination to change to a Picanto.

Economically, it seems tempting. But his words sealed the deal.
I have also consulted some of the Swift Sport owners online to ask them about the ownership experience and costs. They provided valuable pointers to remember.

The pros:
It is a fun car!
It can have a fuel efficiency equivalent or better to Marchie if driven sanely.
With forged pistons, the car's engine is very durable.
The insurance may not differ too much from my existing insurance.

The cons:
It consumes only 98 octane fuel, gasp...
It is not as comfortable as Marchie for the rear passengers.
It is a speed animal, hence, a threat to my license.

Strong Alternative Suggestion
Some of the swift sport owners and my Dad suggested just retaining Marchie. Some of the Swift Sport Owners have cars that are over five years, they have no intention to change their car even when they are beyond 6 years. A car well taken care of should last more than that.
As Marchie is advancing on its age, I should be more particular on its servicing. With good maintance, it should continue to serve me well. One suggestion is to conduct servicing every 9,000 km as opposed to 10,000km. I used to abuse Marchie by doing servicing by delaying to 12,000km in a bid to save costs.
Dad although mentioned that the Swift is a strong alternative. Changing another car is the same as purchasing another. In the long run, I will spend more. A 1.2 means less power than I am used to. A 1.6 sport on the other hand means fuel, taxation, insurance will go up. So not that good an option.

I must thank all who have gave their advice to me in one way or another so far. If anyone have any further suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments here.:)


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